Roku Sounder, no pic but sound


I have a new Sound bar from Roku. I have a VIZIO smart tv. I set it all up, using the supplied HDMI cable from Roku, worked for one day. Went through all the workarounds, power down, unplug HDMIs and placed the HDMI in the preferred port, then back in the old port. I went and bought a gold HDMI cable, same thing happens.  NO pic, just sound with the "reset" instructions when I use the ROKU.   I contacted support and was told to go through the steps again, use the old HDMI port.  Still doesn't work, no pic, just sound through the ROKU. When I am on regular TV, the soundbar works but the sound is off, loud one minute and soft the next.  I am beyond frustrated, I even turned to Youtube to try and fix it.  The remedy works for a day, then right back to the "reset" messag

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Re: Roku Sounder, no pic but sound

Hi @jagid0123,

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Thanks for sharing this information with us. Kindly be advised that we have passed along your information and concern to the Support team. They will reach out to you and assist you further. Keep an eye on your email since they will contact you from thereon.

In the meantime, your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated.

All the best,

Takashi O.
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