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Roku Channel Issues with Movies...

Hi, there's a few things that have become frustrating in watching movies, & even previews, on the Roku Channel, and also on Netflix.

1. I'll be looking through various movies offered on the Roku Channel, and when I find something interesting, and click to watch the trailer, there'll be the spinning arrow, and it will usually show "99%", and just keeps on spinning! Or I'll try to play the movie, and the same thing happens. Even if I open Netflix, and try to play a trailer or the actual movie, the same thing will happen. My diagnosis is that it means either too low or unstable a WiFi connection, or the Cache needs clearing (which I've yet to find out how to do). I check my WiFi speed, using my laptop or phone, in the same room, & even do a Connection Check in the Roku Settings. If they all show adequate speed, I then do a System Reset, which turns off and then on, my TV.  That will usually clear up the issue, until the next time it happens.

I shouldn't have to do the reset so often, and it would be quite helpful to know how to clear the cache, as I realize, after a certain number of hours & days, it will build-up and slow everything down. So, does anyone know how to do this?

2. Another movie-related issue that is really frustrating, as it also affects navigating the Channel Guide, is this:  Why searching channels, to see what's on, I'll click on a channel, offering a movie, only to have it open at its starting place, and not where in the time it should be! This means having to fast-forward through the intro, to see what the movie is like, and it also cancels the ability to click back to the channel I was just on (as I sometimes do this during commercials), as the only way out of the movie, is to manually go the next channel, either up or down. It's often a surprise, as the Guide didn't mention even the option to watch it from the beginning.

But then, even those channels where it does say: "Press * to start from beginning", often don't work correctly, as I'll go to the channel, (not clicking the *), and it will still start from the beginning! Why doesn't this feature work properly? If I click on a movie halfway through it, I don't want it to start from the beginning, or I would click the *....

3. Finally, the other night I clicked on a movie I'd like to see, on a regular movie channel (Roku, not a premium one), only to find out it was in Spanish. Well, that's fine, so I went to select captioning, only to find out there was no English captioning, nor audio! Huh? Why would a channel in America not have any option for English-speaking users to watch a movie? I can understand when a Korean channel may have a show or movie, that doesn't have English sub-titles, although I'm not happy about it, but it is a foreign channel, but why would one of the usual Roku channels do this? And why if it is in a foreign language, is there no mention of it, in the Channel Guide description? 

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