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R635 Tcl Auto Output No Sound

So i just got the update to my SB36312-G6 vizio soundbar and I’m still having “Connectivity Issues” with my tcl r635… When I select pass through on the tcl i hear sound but when I select any DOLBY ATMOS content it’s silent still… The hdmi in port on my soundbar still delivers everything perfect. I have my Xbox x series connected and i get dolby atoms sound. It’s just the HANDSHAKE between the two devices that is still having the issue. Not to sure what’s the deal
The tcl r635 has E-ARC which shouldn’t be the problem because it’s backwards compatible. I’m also using a zeskit ultra high speed hdmi cable.
One more thing to add, i had no problems when this Soundbar was connected to my vizio tv e70-f3. Maybe tcl r635 to a vizio Soundbar is the problem?? It’s definitely a handshake problem. Is it possible that I can use HDMI switcher please anybody with some knowledge leave me some feedback under this comment please thank you!

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Re: R635 Tcl Auto Output No Sound

I'm having a similar problem with HANDSHAKE between my TCL 617C (2018) and a Pioneer VSX-44 AVR. What's driving me nuts is that the CEC functionality is working. ie. when I adjust volume using the AVR, it displays the changes on the TV screen. I have turned on ARC in the AVR settings. I have selected ARC (HDMI 3: RECEIVER) as my audio output on the TCL. Yet when highlighting that option the TV declares "Your audio device is not connected to the ARC port!" and I get zero sound. 

When connecting my PS5 directly to the AVR I get full DD + audio. So it's not the AVR, it's an ARC HANDSHAKE problem between the TV and the AVR.

This is all extra annoying because until this week, I was able to get normal DD surround sound by connecting the TV and AVR via optical cable. I don't know if it's because of Netflix, Prime etc. upgrading to DD+, or a firmware update from Roku, but the TV seems unable to decode DD + to DD, so the TV spits out a 2 channel stereo track instead over the optical cable. 

I was hoping to solve this with ARC but now instead I've gone from 2 channel to 0 channel...


If anyone has run into this I would love some advice. Thanks.

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