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Reel Rookie

Pause Live TV disables "last channel"?

I have a Hisense Roku TV, and I recently implemented "Pause Live TV" by plugging in a 32GB USB stick.  The pausing/playback seems to work via the expected buttons on the remote; however the "jump to last channel" button (the circular Counterclockwise arrow) has stopped working as it used to and instead now jumps back in time - more or less exactly like the << button does.  This is a semi-deal breaker for me - I often jump back and forth between channels that are many "slots" apart (say watching a couple football games going on simultaneously), and having to click "up channel" or "down channel" a dozen times or more isn't usable.

I looked through all the settings and setup screens I could find, but nothing seemed to indicate a solution.  I confirmed that removing the USB and disabling "Live TV pause" restored the "last channel" functionality to that button. Then I reinstalled 'Pause' and it breaks again. Before I pull the USB for good and give up on live pause/replay, is there something I'm missing?  

Thanks, Mark


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Re: Pause Live TV disables "last channel"?

That button is officially called the "Instant Replay" button.  Yep, you lose the "last channel" feature when you pause live TV because now instant replay is possible.  It really isn't the same thing as pressing rewind since that button requires another button press to restart the video, so really isn't "instant".  It's been a long time since I've had an antenna connected to my TV, but I seem to recall that I could bring up the channel list with the left arrow and then use "Instant Replay" to go to the previous channel.  That may have been changed with one of the many updates since I last used it.

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Reel Rookie

Re: Pause Live TV disables "last channel"?

Thanks for the comments.  I'll try the two step process for last channel - left arrow, and then instant replay - to see if that still works.  I appreciate the help!


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