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Onn. roku tv screen is dimmer, and it has trouble staying on once it off for a couple hours.

A few days ago i was on my playstation 4 watching a livestream and randomly my screen just went darker (i could still see what i was viewing but the screen was just dimmer). After looking up and trying ways to solve it like pressing the reset button behind the tv, powercycling, and just unplugging my tv it would just start turning on and off by itself, and when i was finally able to stop making that happen it would just turn off 10-20 seconds after i turned it on. After giving up for the night i decided to try and fix my dim screen the next day. I decided to keep my tv off for the whole day to see if that would work, and when i came back the next day i tried turning it back on and when i did that it immediately shut back off. To try and fix it I hit the reset button again (which worked but only for that night). From what i’ve learned so far my tv can only stay on if i don’t keep it turned off for a long time, but even with that information i still don’t know why my tv is a bit dimmer than it was before.

EXTRA INFO: my tv isn’t plugged into an adapter, i don’t think the power is low in that plug because it was working fine up until the second my tv went dimmer 

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Re: Onn. roku tv screen is dimmer, and it has trouble staying on once it off for a couple hours.

Hi @Okanham,

Welcome to the Roku Community, and thanks for posting about this issue that you're experiencing!

If the problem still persists after attempting the troubleshooting steps, we recommend contacting the TV manufacturer's support directly. Each Roku TV manufacturer provides direct support for their products running the Roku OS.

For a list of Roku TV manufacturer's contact information, visit our community post here: Contacting Support for Your Roku TV

If there's anything else that we can do to help you, please keep us posted.

Best regards,


Roku Community Moderator
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