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OTA channel information is wrong

I have an Insignia TV with built in Roku. About a year or so ago MeTV changed channel frequency. It moved to what was once a Spanish channel. After a scan to find it on it's new channel, the channel information is in Spanish even though the broadcast is in English. I've tried doing a few more scans to see if that would fix it and it didn't.

Then about 6-7 months ago, could be longer, MeTV rolled out MeTV+ channel which is comes in directly after MeTV's channel number. MeTV+ has completely different content. The strange part is that not only is the channel guide information for METV+ also in Spanish but it's a copy of MeTV. So if MeTV is airing MASH then the guide says that MeTV+ is also airing MASH.

I've gone so far as to do a factory reset and the most that happens is for a brief period of time MeTV will show the channel information in English then switch to Spanish. Mean while MeTV+ will do the same for the language part but still clone what it thinks is airing on MeTV.


Insignia Model: NS-24DR220NA18

Roku TV: 5410X

Software version: 10.5.0-build 4120-20

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