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ONN Roku TV 4K UHD 50 inch - My experience with picture quality and adjustment

I bought the 50 inch ONN on a Black Friday sale for a wonderful low price. I am mostly satisfied with the performance and have used Roku for a number of years. This ONN TV gave me some thoughts about returning it. My initial "tweaks" resulted in a picture that looked worse than the six year old Visio that it replaced! IMO, one of the most valuable features on a modern TV is the contrast and black levels. The reason why OLED TVs are so popular (and expensive) is the wonderful black levels/contrast. I couldn't get this ONN to look as good as my two older sets! Finding a suggestion in this forum I decided to reset the TV portion and try adjusting the picture again. I had better results the second time. I am looking for comments and suggestions where I might improve the picture even more. Here is a list of my current Picture settings:

TV Brightness - Brighter
Picture mode - Low power
Picture size - Auto (this set won't auto display 4K without coaxing!)
Dynamic contrast - High
Color temperature - Normal
Fine tune picture:
Backlight - 100
Brightness - 40
Contrast - 100
Sharpness - 100 (this setting, surprisingly, does not degrade the picture!)
Color - 50

Please share your experience and any alternative settings which work well for you.


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Re: ONN Roku TV 4K UHD 50 inch - My experience with picture quality and adjustment

After watching and analyzing the picture I found that setting Dynamic contrast to Off made for a more consistent and satisfying overall picture brightness.

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