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New guide is not user friendly

New Guide Issue :

  1. Open guide. 
  2. Defaults to all channels (instead of favorites)
  3. Pick "favorites" on left then pick a channel (lets say 500). 
  4. Watch tv. 
  5. Open guide again. 
  6. Default to all channels again instead of favorites
  7. Pick "favorites" on left again. 
  8. Guide now shows favorites but is at top of list not channel 500 where you left off.

This is very un-user friendly.  Every single time you have to pick favorites.  And every single time it forgets where you were in the list.  This software update should have never been deployed to production because it is not functional.  

Confirmed on 2 different Roku Ultra's.

Old Guide

  1. Press *
  2. Pick Favorites
  3. Roku Guide never goes back to All Channels unless I command it to
  4. Roku Guide always remembers where I was last in favorites list

Reel Rookie

Re: New guide is not user friendly

yes, this is terrible.


Is it possible to downgrade the system firmware/software from v11.5, to the prior version instead?

Maybe over USB somehow?

Quite honestly i won't be using my Roku TV again until this is fixed.  Its too dang frustrating, (especially using a remote with no numerical keypad.).


total bummer!


[TCL ROKU TV v11.5.0 (4225)]

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