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Legacy Roku device clashing with new Streambar

The person I am remotely supporting has a Now Smart TV box (the details don’t especially matter, but this is effectively a legacy Roku box with a Roku simple remote) plugged via HDMI into their TV, and working fine, but they have just bought a Streambar, plugged via HDMI into the ARC HDMI on the TV, CEC correctly set up, and it mostly works, but the two Roku devices aren’t playing nice together.

Using the Now box, via its remote, causes the Streambar to change inputs, which is preventing easy use of it.

Roku advice has been to turn off CEC (‘one touch control’) on the Now box; but I don’t think that’s it.

I think the Streambar is responding to IR signals from the simple remote for the Now box. Even thought it is paired with its own Voice Remote working over WiFi, it still  ‘sees’ these other signals and responds to them, when we don’t want it to.

My conjectured fix is to find where the Streambar has its IR sensor, and put a bit of black tape over it, to stop it seeing the signals from the simple remote, which are intended only for the Now box. This won’t prevent the Streambar from seeing the signals from its paired Voice remote, as these will come over WiFi.

(i) is my diagnosis correct?

(ii) will my proposed fix work?

(iii) and if so, where, precisely, is the IR sensor on the Streambar?

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