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Re: Is it possible to add multiple Roku wireless subwoofers to the Roku Soundbar?

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@RokuTeam Why is this not a feature yet???

Do you just not like selling subwoofers?

Are you afraid that more people would buy your audio line if you offered this?

Here's a promise. I'm not buying any of your audio line if I can only use 1 subwoofer per television.

Also... If it's not obvious... Let's offer more than 4 satellite speakers per TV. 

Re: Multiple roku subwoofers

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Need to add dual subwoofer op asap Roku!

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Re: Multiple roku subwoofers

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Hi @dustjones311,

Saw your post!

Currently, you can only pair one wireless subwoofer to a Roku host device. 

Feel free to check our Roku blog for any future announcements or updates or you may also share or suggest a feature request here.

We appreciate your interest and patience with this matter. 

Best regards,

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