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Integrating Roku Streambar into my Roku TV

Hello, I upgraded to my first smart TV, a TCL Roku 5-Series.  I was using the Roku Streambar on my former "dumb" tv.  I would like to use my Roku Streambar as my primary streaming device but apparently I need to use two remotes to do that (the actual tv remote and the Streambar remote)?  Is there a way to better integrate the streambar into the tv so I don't have to use two remotes?  Or make the streambar the primary device?


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Re: Integrating Roku Streambar into my Roku TV

Hi @indigo22_12

Welcome to the Roku Community. 

Thanks for your inquiry about using a Roku TV and connecting to your Roku Streambar. Kindly be informed that upon setting up your Roku Streambar with your Roku TV, the corresponding HDMI input tile for your Streambar will be automatically concealed from the channel grid. In this setup, your Roku TV takes on the role of the primary streaming device, while your Streambar operates solely as an audio device with a non-active remote.

Learn about all the requirements/setting up for Roku Streambar to Roku TV, here's our Roku Support: How to set up your Roku Streambar with a Roku TV

If you ever need assistance with another issue in the future, please don't hesitate to post in the Roku Community again.


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