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Element 65 - Netflix crashes the Roku TV...hard reboot!

I have an element 65 Roku TV.  The system is such trash...everything works well except for Netflix...without fail it crashes the tv, you have to reboot the tv and then resume...all other apps work fine.  Factory reset = No Joy, Reinstall = No Joy...so Trash ---ROKU Trash!

bought a firetv, no crash, no trash!  ROku shelved, waste of money will not buy another ROKU device...this has been an on going issue for over a year.  

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Re: Element 65 - Netflix crashes the **bleep** out of the TV...hard reboot!

Hi @timp311

Thanks for the post.

Did you restart your Roku device before re-installing Netflix That step is crucial when performing the troubleshooting. If you haven't tried the suggested order (remove > restart > re-install), we would recommend giving it a shot once again. We also suggest doing the restart from the Settings menu by navigating to Settings > System > Power (If you do not see a Power submenu, skip to the next step.) > System restart.

Let us know if there's any difference after.

All the best,

Kariza D.
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