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Channel Surfer

Customer Service Call confirmed: You cannot use the favorites list to flip through favorites.

If you select the favorites list and then change the channel, you leave the favorites list. You then have to select the favorites list again, to switch one channel. A customer service rep confirmed this exact description, and reluctantly agreed when I asked her directly if it is useless.

Why provide the promise of a favorites list by creating one, only to render it's functionality useless? I feel like this is a question for a group of nine-year-olds - not an actual group of adults who run a company. I don't believe the nine-year-olds would fail this blatantly. Just unbelievable.

The worst of it is that it DID work before. They have purposely hobbled it. Hoping I will migrate over to some new concept they're pushing, like recommended or whatever. The thing is - you already offered it and I already bought it. I'm not sure how you ended up so unclear on some basic ethics here Roku. It's the equivalent of buying a new car, then finding that the dealer had snuck over one night a month later to slash all four tires, because they would now like to sell you some brand new snow tires. It is THAT level of unethical. Again - Roku - what are you doing? Do you see yourselves? This is bad. You. I am witnessing YOU make these choices. Don't look left or right. You. Yeah.

Roku Guru

Re: Customer Service Call confirmed: You cannot use the favorites list to flip through favorites.

@HostileCombover  I agree, it's completely maddening & ridiculous!  Not only do you have to keep going back to the top of the list, but the entire Favorites list is likely to VANISH at any moment, as it did TWICE in the past 24 hours!  And considering how laborious it is, to key in each individual channel, it's a royal pain in the a** to keep redoing it! They need to hire a whole new crew of programmers, as some smart high school kids could do a better job...