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CarMax ad audio volume set to high

When watching Roku TV watching for example Dark Shadows at night I like to set the volume of my TV down the darn CarMax video is too loud it's disturbing, I wish Customer Service would fix this problem or get rid of the ad, I am tired of being startled by it, it is so loud it makes me jump everytime not so cute when you are a senior or trying to wind down and relax..then pow CarMax commercials louder than normal pops up. Please Roku fix this problem or get rid of the ad period.

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Re: CarMax ad audio volume set to high

Hi @Plumeria973

Thank you for the inquiry!

It's possible that the CarMax ad audio volume is set to high on your Roku device due to the settings of either the ad or your Roku device.

Many ads are designed to be attention-grabbing, which may include having louder audio than the content you're streaming. Some ads may also be programmed to override the device's volume settings and play at a higher volume level.

However, you can try to adjust the volume settings on your Roku device to see if it makes a difference. Here's how you can do it:

  • Using the Roku remote, go to the home screen and select "Settings."
  • Select "Audio" and then select "Volume mode."
  • Choose the "Leveling" option, which helps to equalize the volume across different content.
  • You can also try lowering the volume on your Roku device manually by using the volume down button on your remote control.

We hope it helps!

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