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Can't add my Roku Wireless Speakers to my Roku Soundbar and Roku TV

I have an Onn Roku TV and a Roku Wireless Soundbar. These Are working just fine. I also have the Roku Wireless Speakers but when I go to add them, they are "grayed out" not an option to select. I can pick the subwoofer but not the wireless speakers. I can unpair the soundbar and add the speakers or vice versa but cannot have both. Is there a reason? Am I doing something wrong?

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Re: Can't add my Roku Wireless Speakers to my Roku Soundbar and Roku TV

Hi @uthankran,

Welcome to the Roku Community, and we appreciate you reaching out.

A few things to take note of: the reason you only have limited options when pairing speakers on your Roku TV is that some features are not available.

You can only pair both speakers when you're using a Roku Plus 4K Series TV. While on the other hand, you can add a Roku Wireless Bass or Roku Wireless Bass Pro to your Roku TV Wireless Soundbar. A Roku subwoofer enhances your listening experience with deeper, richer bass. Simply connect the power cable and follow the simple setup process to begin hearing and feeling more bass in no time.

I hope this helps you out!



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