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Can't Connect my TV to my dorm's wifi

So my dorm has a special wifi called "Game-net" which is for consoles, streaming devices, and pretty much anything that isn't a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Therefore, it's the only wifi that my TV is able to connect to. However, there is a major issue in this process. After going to the network settings on my TV and connecting to it using the "hotel or dorm" option, it asks me to authenticate the connection. To do this, I have to connect to this temporary Roku network on my laptop that redirects me to a page in a browser. The problem is, every time I try to do this, it brings me to the "Game-net" interface with an "Access Denied" error page. I can't authenticate the connection because I have to be connected to my university's public wifi to get into the "Game-net" portal and authenticate it. 

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