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Bluetooth ends of Roku for us.

A sad day in our home and at both of our parent's homes.

7 Roku TV sets were retired today in favor of Fire TV's. I have about 10 more that will be changed over the next 6 months at other family members.

I love the Roku TV interface. It is by far and away the best interface that exists.  However, connecting devices to the TV's has sent me over the edge. There is no simple way to connect a simple set of headphones to the TVs for our parents.

I understand all the ways to get it accomplished and on half of our TV's I did so. But why should I have to use a Bluetooth transmitter or an app on a phone when the TV has Bluetooth? 

It is far too confusing for our 70+ year old parents to use headphones when the TV should do it on its own.

Roku could fix this issue easily and in 5 years of asking for a fix they have refused.  They have however released roku speakers soundbars and cameras that will connect directly and only to the Roku Ecosystem so I take it that means they have no plans to change that. 


I wish they would listen and fix it for the sake of simplicity. 

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Channel Surfer

Re: Bluetooth ends of Roku for us.

Wow, that bad, eh? And this forum offers very little help, observing all the unanswered questions on this forum. I agree the Roku TV interface is the best mainly because it is not wedded to a particular marketplace.

My wife and I have Costco hearing aids and, after getting a Roku soundbar, I was successful in getting both sets connected via Bluetooth - but not at the same time! AFAIK, that is NOT a limitation of current Bluetooth technology.

We have existing Sony wireless headphones which operate in the 2.4 GHz range but only have analog inputs. The headphone jack on our new ONN Roku TV is located in almost unreachable location on the back of the set so my wife can't plug/unplug that system by herself. Plugging in the headphones stops all other audio output.

I agree that all the wonderful advances in tech have still left many of us coming up short. I haven't given up yet but it looks like I will have to buy some additional external switching devices or a new set of Bluetooth headphones to fix this problem.