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Backscreen but not blank. Will occasionally work but most of the time dont

I see this as a common issue that's been posted over and over but non have the same symptoms for me to be accurate in its diagnosis,

So let me start by saying the screen will light up like it's on, it will play sounds but it will never direct me to the home screen, it stays black, it's not the backlight I'm sure of that, sometimes it will fire up but that's only like once  every other week. And when it's on with the screen displaying what it's supposed to it works great like nothings wrong with it until powered off again...when the black screens showing I can see the icon that's supposed to be highlighted change but it's still in black and as I use the remote I can see that it's doing something but it's black....and now just recently when powered on it turns bright white.....and on occasion it will display the vertical black lines I've read about in most forums.....I have a feeling it's a tcom (and, or) wires that are attached to it...wich is a fairly cheap fix but I'm not sure, any insight would be appreciated...I've done all the rebooting and resets that are available with a blank screen and it's not showed me any significant link to any of my troubleshooting tips to even help with this problem...sorry so lengthy I'm just trying to eliminate any extra texts than necessary...an again  thanks for taking time to read....

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Re: Backscreen but not blank. Will occasionally work but most of the time dont


Thanks for the post.

Have you tried contacting your Roku TV manufacturer support yet to inquire further? I'd suggest starting there to see what options or suggestions they can provide. Each Roku TV manufacturer provides direct support for their products running the Roku OS.

For a list of Roku TV manufacturer's contact information, visit our Community post here: Contacting Support for Your Roku TV

Please keep us posted what you find out.


Danny R.
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