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Any 32" Roku TV's with a fast CPU and sufficient RAM?

We have a TCL 32S327 in the kitchen, where there's no space for anything much larger than 32". Unlike our 55" TCL in the family room, this smaller set struggles with certain apps, such as Sling TV and Amazon Video, becoming frustratingly sluggish and sometimes even delaying response to volume & mute commands by several seconds.

I've read that the 4K sets include more capable CPUs and extra memory, but unfortunately none smaller than 43" seem to be available, which is understandable (1080p seems perfectly adequate at these sizes).

Are any other small-screen Roku TV brands better than TCL for UI responsiveness? From what I've seen in stores, Hisense, Westinghouse, and RCA (whoever the latter two sold their names to) appear to be even more cheaply-built, and their audio quality seems worse, so I'm not hopeful on any of those.

What about the new Roku-branded models that they OEM themselves? At 32" those seem to all be 720p, which would be a step down, but are they any faster?

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Re: Any 32" Roku TV's with a fast CPU and sufficient RAM?

I can't answer your question about TVs, but there's no reason why you can't connect a new Roku device to the old TV.  Set the TV to always power on to the Roku's HDMI input and it will seem like you have a whole new TV.

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