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Adding OTA local stations manually on Roku TV

This is just maddening!

I bought a Roku TV in Michigan and loved it!  So, I figured I'd buy another one when I moved to Kansas.  When I went to set up my live channels; I could only get CBS and NBC.  No ABC, no Fox.

I went to my first Roku TV that I purchased, I could get CBS, NBC, and ABC; no Fox.

I went online and got the number for the Fox stations (24.1) so I could try to add them manually.  Maybe they don't come in well due to where I am, trees, or where my antenna is oriented...but I can move the antenna to different areas to try and get the channel to come in (usually).

BUT, there's no way to manually add a channel (a feature available on EVERY TV produced since the dawn of cable television) on either Roku TV.  And when you try to read the "support" articles, they just tell you how to scan for channels...which I already did.  There's NOTHING on manually adding channels other than this thread that demonstrates Roku simply doesn't allow it on their devices!  

They want you to move your antenna around, then do an auto-scan again...and repeat that activity until auto scan picks up the channel??  I have two antennas, both tested and work fine, and one is in the center (upstairs) of the house and another in the NW corner.  I 'suspect' that the Fox channel is just difficult to pick up...and might not be receivable at one location...maybe 'hit or miss' with the other one.  But I'd rather watch a 'hit or miss' Fox station with NFL football games than watch NCIS, or Ocean discovery w/Jeff Corwin, or 'This Old House', or Indy car racing coming in clear.

How is it that Roku doesn't "get this"?  Anyone born before 2000 knows how antennas work.  So now I need to go buy an external TV antenna, figure out how to mount it on a roof I don't own, just so 'maybe' I can get Roku's auto-scan to pick up ONE channel??  As president Biden would say, "Come on man!"

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