7.1.x A Dream Never Coming True?

For years I rocked 5.1 channel surround sound and always wanted to get to the next level. I moved into a home and the room had the perfect 7.1 layout opportunity.

Built the 7.1 system
Onkyo RZ50 receiver to do the work
Newest Samsung TV
Roku Ultra

Spent DAYS with Onkyo support (who are amazing btw) and finally figured out I was using eARC CEC on TV and the receiver. Functioned flawlessly and that's what the ** ARC is for right? Well... Samsung TVs max out at DD 5.1 atmos. ? So any 7.1 signal you try to play throws it off and the TV defaults to PCM stereo.

So I found myself only playing 5.1 and neglecting the back speakers. We turned off eARC, ran everything to the receiver, and dummy displayed the TV. Now Roku Ultra is main source and is in Pass-through mode.

PROBLEM: I can't find any legit 7.1 sources on YouTube, Netflix, or Prime Video. I was told only Apple TV device and Blue Rays are the only way to get true 7.1. How the ** is it 2023 and all Samsung TVs cant process past 5.1, no passthrough AND eARC option, and I can't find a true 7.1.x source? Can Roku Ultra process or pass true 7.1? Doesn't list that spec but Apple prod does... and I am not an Apple person.

Now I just have my far back surrounds mimicing atmos instead just to put them to use. Ugh. Is 5.1 ATMOS the best and I screwed up??

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Re: 7.1.x A Dream Never Coming True?

I totally agree with you. I have tried to get 7.1 on ARC from ONN Roku in multiple ways (extractors, etc.) and I have followed ALL of the steps. ONN support says it's my audio system but other posts say I'll never get 7.1 from ONN ARC. Does anyone have the correct answer?

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