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Re: (OS 11.5) RokuTV still not working for 3 weeks after 11.5 updates

  • I purchased a TCL as well 8 days ago! , the remote doesnt work at all anymore. Worked great for 2 whole days  then nothing! Have repaired, have changed batteries multiple times. Nothing works. No volume, won't turn TV off and on.Wont change channels.  I cannot access all the streaming channels.i lay for. Inahe left messages sent emails and NO response. I refuse to purchase a new one via Roku or Amazon. Now I keep getting emails about "new" remote. The offensive part is the subject line is 'Bye old Roku remote", so they KNOW this remote is **bleep**! I am ready to return the whole tv as it's basically useless. We havent been able to access as I said, all the streaming channels I PAY for. I ahe 2 other r Roku remotes that are fine. But they are small bedroom tvs. We cannot watch movies series etc on our 55 inch TV. I want a response and a replacement! Getting ready to speak someone else  as they are have warranties! It's absolutely ridiculous. I feel they should also be paying for this months streaming channels I have paid for but cannot açess!!! Unreal they are ignoring us. 

Once again, Roku, my email address is daytonshouse@hotmail.com.  I expect a response withing 72 hrs or I call someone sales.  Pretty sure many on here would join.

Here are all the serial bumbers I could find on the tv:

TCL Mldel: 55S331-CA

Hardware ID: CI59X

Serial Number: X000000HAJ1V7

Software Version:  12.0•Build 4182-93

Uptime:8 days 51 minutes 

Roku TV Support: support.tcl.com.us ?Makes no sense I kurchased it in Canda)

Device ID: SO89714AJ1V7

NEmetwork Name : Calicat: 5G

IP Addesss:

Eternity Mac Address:


Wireless Mac Addess: FO:A3:B2:78:D8:DA


Expecting a response in u2 hours! 

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Re: (OS 11.5) RokuTV still not working for 3 weeks after 11.5 updates

@Dayama, you might have better luck if you contact TCL since they made the TV.

Where to get support for your Roku TV™ | Official Roku Support

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