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globoplay international on roku 2XS box not available?

hello roku community,

since there is no costumer support per say, i need ask here...

i cannot find the globoplay international channel when i browse or search the on my roku box channel & app search engine.

is my roku box too old?

model: 3000X - Roku 2 XS  (purchased in 2014)

SN: 13C2CA02****

software version: 9.1.0 - build 5009-02

the channel is available when i search; i then install via webrowser on my computer but it does not show up on my roku box.

the box is original with no mods!


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Re: globoplay international on roku 2XS box not available?


In general your Roku will only list channels that are supported on your device.  If you go online and install a channel to your account via the Roku Channel Store it will not then download and install to an unsupported device.

Yes, your 2 XS may just be too old.  It is a second generation model, released in 2011.  Roku has discontinued support for it and has not issued a Roku software update for it since version 9.1 -- there have been 5 software updates since then.  Current models are up to tenth generation and are running Roku version 11.0.  While some channels still work on your model there are some that were not written to support that old of a model.  Per their websites here are examples of some popular channels that do not support the 2 XS: Apple TV, Directv Stream, Discovery Plus, ESPN, HBO Max, Hulu.

  • Edited to add:  I cannot find info on the 'net as to which Roku models Globoplay supports.

If you upgrade to a current Roku model it will be able to run all currently available channel apps.  Plus you'll be astounded at how much faster and more responsive the newer models are.   The only fly in the ointment for you is if you want to use it on an old TV lacking an HDMI input port.  Current models only connect via HDMI.




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