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Using Roku App on Samsung TV and closed caption

Have Samsung TV.  Installed Roku app.  I DO NOT have a paid Roku subscription or a plug-in Roku device.  We are simply watching a few programs that are free through the Roku app downloaded to the smart TV.

We would like CC to display to the shows we are watching through the Roku app, but can't figure out how to do so.

The CC setting is ON through the settings in the Samsung TV, because we can see CC when watching other channels on the TV.

Can anyone guide me here on how to get CC through the downloaded TV app?  I have access to my Roku acct with Internet / smartphone.

I have tried linking TV through the app, but the link code doesn't display on the TV.

Wondering if my inability to see CC is because I do not have a Roku device or a paid Roku subscription?

Thank you

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Re: Using Roku App on Samsung TV and closed caption

There's no such thing as a "paid Roku subscription".  Roku offers subscriptions to premium services that are provided by 3rd parties, but there's no "Roku subscription".

Never having seen "The Roku Channel" on anything other than a Roku device I'm only going to be able to take a guess.  Hopefully there's someone out there that has some experience, but this isn't a "Getting Started" issue which is really only about getting a Roku device up and running.  However, I don't really see a place in this "Community" for such a question.

Not having a Roku device shouldn't have anything to do with how the app runs on a Samsung TV.  When using "The Roku Channel" on a Roku device you press the asterisk button on the remote while watching a video to bring up settings like captions.  I don't know if there's an equivalent button on your Samsung remote that you could try.  Sometimes caption settings are buried within the settings for a particular app, so you might want to hunt around within the Roku app to see if you can find anything.

Good luck!  If no one else offers a suggestion and you figure it out on your own post back so that others may benefit.

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Re: Using Roku App on Samsung TV and closed caption

Hi @Dlshopkins

Welcome to the Roku Community. 

We apologize to hear about the issue you are experiencing with The Roku Channel on your Samsung TV. Have you tried to remove the channel and see if it helps? If you haven't tried it yet, you can remove The Roku Channel and re-install it. Same wise as the Roku device, we suggest you restart your Samsung TV before adding the channel back in to ensure a clean channel install.

Let us know what you find out. 


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