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Newsmax Plus isn't working

1) Installed newsmax+ on roku.  Tried an update, says it's the most recent version.

    Build 5.0 V1
2) Start app.  Click on play.  Get message "You have been signed out (code(errorcode))"
3) Click on "more info".  Asks for my _roku_ login name and password which fails.
4) I _know_ my login name is good as I can check it directly on the roku.
5) So I select "forgot password"  so that it will e-mail me a way to update the password.
    And it says the e-mail is invalid, which I absolutely know is not correct. It IS a valid
    e-mail and it IS the e-mail of my roku account.


Larry Wasserman

Re: Newsmax Plus isn't working

Same problem here, I call newsmax and problem was fix. Roku needs to answer the phone so we can get a refund.

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Community Streaming Expert

Re: Newsmax Plus isn't working


Unless you are using the same username and password for both your Roku account and the Newsmax+ channel/app, you should be entering your Newsmax+ username and password when prompted. 

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Reel Rookie

Re: Updated Newsmax App Will Not Open

I didn't have to do anything, it just worked. Yesterday at 5 pm pacific it just went away after watching for 3 hours. Had to restart and this time it asked for a log in password, then started back up. Newsmax is having server issues still although it is getting better.

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Reel Rookie

Re: Updated Newsmax App Will Not Open

Mine's working OK now, except that I always watch the evening shows and, every night at about 11 p.m., it just logs me out of the app with no warning. That's happened several nights in a row now. It doesn't do anything like ask me, "Are you still watching?". It just boots me out. I have no idea why.

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November 16, 2023

we cannot get on Newsmax Plus on our computers, we just got on TV but took all morning

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Reel Rookie

Newsmax + will not not stay logged in?

  • I am subscribed to newsmax+ why do i have to log in everytime i want to watch it...I should be able to stay logged in. 


Streaming Star

Re: Newsmax isn’t working AGAIN!!

I keep,getting signed out and have to re-enter my password. Anyone else having this problem?  I’m a genuine cyber-nerd so my password is long and complicated- painful to enter on an on-screen keyboard.

Channel Surfer

Re: Newsmax isn’t working AGAIN!!

I feel your pain. If you look at my initial post you will see some of the errors I've received. And like you, my password is long and complicated and using my Roku remote to enter my password is painful. I hope Newsmax gets their act together soon. They must know they are having problems because they extended our free trial another week. Calling Newsmax is a fruitless endeavor as you will only get a menu which leads you to a prompt to leave your name and number and Newsmax will get back to you. Which they never do

Community Streaming Expert

Re: Newsmax + will not not stay logged in?

You need to contact Newsmax and work with them. They provide the app for Roku devices, not Roku. 


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