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Re: Streaming Newsmax Channel on Roku

Yes, restarted after removing it

@makaiguy wrote:

@zrrifle wrote:

Removed and reinstalled the channel but that also didn't fix it.

After removing a channel, best practice is to restart your Roku to clear its memory before reinstalling the channel. Did you do this? Without the restart you may not get a clean reinstall.

Yes, restarted it after removing the channel this time and reinstalled, now it works fine. Thank you!

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Re: Streaming Newsmax Channel on Roku

Have the same issue.  Fortunately can watch Newsmax on the Roku channel (live) and also on Tubi and Haystack.  Only issue then is that you can't go to shows, schedule etc.  Very frustrating.

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Re: Streaming Newsmax Channel on Roku

I'm disgusted by 'PLUTO TV' using ROKU and boycotting my favorite news channel. When FOX went woke, I found NEWSMAX and canceled my WOW! cable because they stopped carrying it. And on it goes. Cow towing to the communist mob. Way to go. That's just Anti-American. I have the NEWSMAX app, but I like to channel surf during commercial breaks. Can't do it with the app. Anyway. This is just being complicit and allowing evil to exist. Enabling. 

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Re: Streaming Newsmax Channel on Roku

I still get Newsmax with Roku. I watch it daily and evenings too.

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Re: Streaming Newsmax Channel on Roku


Looks like AT&T/DirectTV (and in kind, DirectTV Stream) is considering removing Newsmax from its platform.

Fortunately, Newsmax has their own streaming channel/app, and is carried by many of the available channels/apps on the Roku platform in its LiveTV programming including Roku Channel ch. 190, PlutoTV ch. 460, Xumo Play, Plex, KlowdTV, and others.

I really don't think the cable companies are learning anything, even when people cancel their subscriptions and go to streaming.  That is why it is important to keep recruiting and introducing people to the world of streaming.

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Re: Streaming Newsmax Channel on Roku

Newsmax follows after they removed OANN.  When you subscribe to satellite, cable, or streaming-based multi-channel outlets(YouTube TV, Sling, etc.), you are a hostage to their whims and what they do what their lineups.  Having a Roku and direct access to channels is the only way to go, IMHO.

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