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Stop pride lgbtq content, suggestions and ads!

Please make it possible to not have any of this or explicit ads on Home Screen or suggestions in the app. I’ve never watched any of this content so it is not an algorithm decision.. it’s something being pushed. I will break all of our Roku tvs and replace them if it doesn’t end or there is an option to switch these ads off. I don’t appreciate having to explain to young grandchildren, who are to young to know about sex, what they are seeing in your ads. We don’t condone and do not want to see these degrading, demoralizing images that give children the wrong impressions about their bodies and how to behave. They can’t unsee it and that’s the only reason it’s put on the screen, to make children think public sex acts and being touched or sexually abused is normal and ok. So protect the children, don’t set them up for sexual grooming!


Re: Stop pride lgbtq content, suggestions and ads!

Stop it with the gayness, it’s propaganda and kids don’t need to be seeing it! People are going to stop purchasing your products. No need for this so stay neutral. 

Roku Guru

Re: Stop pride lgbtq content, suggestions and ads!

I agree, pushing this agenda has gone beyond ridiculous at this point. Pride has become an excuse for anyone in the LGBT community to behave like perverts and expose themselves in the streets. This wouldn't be tolerated if it were heteros doing it. LGBT stuff should never be pushed and you should only being seeing it if you choose to, children should NEVER be be exposed to this sick agenda.

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