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Re: Sound not working on one movie on roku channel

i go to roku channel and hit ok. down button to movie Blood and Bones. click ok, click play, movie comes on but no sound. when this happened i turned off tv then i unplugged tv for 10 minutes. still no sound when i went back to movie.

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Re: Sound not working on one movie on roku channel


Seems to work fine on my Premiere+ 3921.  Maybe check your Roku Audio Settings.  (Settings...Audio)

For my Premiere+ and playing on my Mitsubishi TV, the Audio settings are Audio Mode=Auto (DD) and HDMI=Auto Detect.

Try playing another movie and see if similar result.  If so, could be an audio setting on your TV Audio Settings, not Roku Audio Settings.


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Re: Sound not working on one movie on roku channel

This is happening AGAIN but it’s now the movie “Lean On Me” and there’s one slight difference. In this movie you can hear all the sounds except any sound mad by a person with their voice. In other words, you can hear the birds, car honking, etc but if a per is talking or laughing you cannot hear it. Please fix this!

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Community Moderator

Re: Sound not working on one movie on roku channel

Hi @Dawnmj48,

Thanks for posting in the Roku Community!

I have already escalated this issue to the appropriate team to investigate further. Once they provide me with an update I'll be sure to let the Community know.

We're hoping to get everything sorted out soon and appreciate you bearing with us in the meantime.

Best regards,

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