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Sling channel - show details sorely lacking on express 4k+

I used a Tivo Stream 4K for several years to watch Sling TV, among other streams. When it stopped working, I replaced it with a Roku Express 4K+. 

On the Tivo, show details were accessed by clicking a dedicated remote button and details would remain on screen until back button was clicked; or abbreviated details were shown on the guide; or you could scroll down and click the details button and they would appear for about 8 seconds. 

However, on the Express 4K+, there is NO dedicated button on remote to bring up details; the guide contains NO program info; and if I scroll down and click details button, it remains up for only 4 seconds, hardly long enough to read even one line, much less, two or three. So, the process must be repeated several times to read it all. 

In essence, Roku provides absolutely NO simple and easy way on Sling to find out what you want to watch that's on currently, or coming up. 

Is this a Sling problem, not integrating with Roku, or is it a Roku problem, not playing well with Sling?? 

Any insight would be welcomed. 

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Re: Show details sorely lacking on express 4k+


When using Sling, the details are a little tricky to get to.

When watching an offering in LiveTV, after the selected content begins to play, press the Down arrow on the Roku remote.  A little menu overlay appears (Recent Channels, Sports, All Channels, Details, Settings).  Press the Down arrow arrow again to highlight this overlay, and navigate using the Right arrow button to "Details".  Then select "Offering Info".  You can then select "Details" for more info (content description, running time, year released, etc.)  Each of these Detail menus/selections offers different levels of info provided.  Press the back button on the Roku remote to return to the content.

For the On-Demand content, selecting the desired movie/content should bring you to the Watch Now/Details menu.  Select the Details option to see more description.  Again, press the Back button on remote to return to previous screen.

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Re: Show details sorely lacking on express 4k+

Thank you for that info.

And I just figured out how to find program details in the guide. When a program is highlighted in the guide, press the asterisk on the remote. Not as handy as when it's right on the guide, but it will do. Thanks for the help. 

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