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Show missing on TV lineup

I have been watching the TV series Blue Bloods. This weekend I am away from home and wanted to continue watching the show. After installing the Ruko Channel app on a Samsung Smart TV, I was unable to find that TV show in a search. However, I am able to pull up the show on my computer and on my phone via the Ruko Channel. Why would it also not be in the lineup on the TV?

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Re: Show missing on TV lineup


Are you watching Blue Bloods through a "Paramount+ on the Roku Channel" subscription?

When the Roku Channel app is installed on non-Roku devices (like a Firestick, FireTV, Smart TVs like your Samsung), it gives you access to the Roku Channel, but usually not the premium subscriptions through Roku or Roku Channel.

Generally speaking, when you purchase subscriptions through Roku, you are usually limited to watching on a Roku device or through the Roku mobile app.  This is why many prefer to subscribe directly with the provider (ie. Paramount+), so the app can be logged into and watched on any device that supports that provider.  Alternatively, just bring the Roku device and the remote  with you next time, if practical. (or a seperate Roku device for travel).

Since you are able to watch through the Roku Channel on your laptop and the mobile app, you can try casting Blue Bloods to your Samsung TV or use a HDMI cable directly connected to your TV.  You can try using Web Video Caster or Castify if using Android as they should both be able to cast web content to your Samsung TV easily.

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