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Roku Advertisements in the Menu

After almost 15 years and after buying quite a few Roku devices, I've replaced my Rokus with FireTV and AppleTV devices.  The final straw was putting ads in the menu.

I'm keeping one Roku hooked up because there's one app that has a function not on the other devices, but that's it, and only for that app when I need that function.  

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Re: Roku Advertisements in the Menu

I, too, logged in to say goodbye to Roku.  I've been a loyal customer for almost 15 years as well, long before streaming was popular.  I quit watching OTA (over the air) and satelite providers to distance my family from commercials.  Ads are simply intrusive and in bad taste.

Imagine my disappointed when I turned on my system this morning and saw an ad on my Roku menu!  This is just on the heels of another Roku battle.  I thought, just possibly, Roku learned their lesson.

Roku; I hate to break it to you, but you are no longer one of the only games in town!  Consumers now have better streaming options.  For those of you who are willing to put in a little effort, I recommend a USB IR remote receiver and the new Raspberry Pi 5.  With a little digging, you can create your own solutions.  As companies like Roku get more and more greedy, better and better open source solutions will present themselves.

So let me just say, so long Roku and, thanks for the fish!


Edited to add a couple helpful links: Pi TV Projects; Roku VS Pi

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