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Re: Please stop the Spanish speaking ads!!!!


     Exactly my point. The official language of the USA is English, our constitution, bill of rights and all court proceedings are in English. We must have a common language because we are a melting pot. Laotian, Italian, Russian, German… people who come here understand that is the best way to be fair. The only person here who is “ insipid” is you. 

Roku Guru

Re: Please stop the Spanish speaking ads!!!!

Sorry. The US has NO official language. 

Reel Rookie

Stop Spanish Speaking Ads

I know there is already a previous topic in regard to this subject, however, it appears it has been locked from any further replies, so I'm posting another one. I will not stop posting this topic until all that feel the same way get a satisfactory answer to this topic.

My primary language is English. I selected this when I created my Roku profile, therefore, I should not be forced to sit through Spanish speaking ads coming from any Roku streaming product OR their affiliate content providers e.g. NBC app. 

TV viewers have been tracked for a very long time now using various methods of data gathering when opted into, therefore, there should be ZERO reason that data doesn't include the language of the viewer being data mined. With that in mind there should also be ZERO reason that the viewer should be forced to view any content not broadcast in their chosen primary language. Anything else is an affront to usability and user choice. We all PAY through the nose for our internet connections, subscriptions, etc. and those purchased products should provide the content described. The content pushed through the other channels needs to be filtered to exclude ANYTHING broadcast and any other language aside from the user's selected language.

If the content providers, like NBC wish to broadcast in another language, then their app should be forced to include options to select a primary, and perhaps, a secondary language.

There is ZERO reason these types of options cannot be implemented with the technology and tracking abilities afforded to these media conglomerates. Don't try to force-feed me content in a language that isn't my own simply to placate to certain demographics. 

When it comes to culture in entertainment, I have ZERO issue with this; however, broadcast that content in my selected language. Roku needs to get in a meeting with it's content providers and app providers to have a serious discussion on how to correct this issue.

I'm not sure what recourse there is because corporations the size of NBC completely ignore the individual user, so....   If anyone has any other suggestions as to how to voice this opinion, please share.  If you agree with what I'm saying here, of course. 

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