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Password protect channels ?

Is there a way to set a password for specific channels you have installed ? I am ok with my kids accessing PBS kids in the morning, for example , but not getting on YouTube whenever they desire .

Binge Watcher

Re: Password protect channels ?

Nope. Can't password protect YouTube. 


Best you could do is setup a YouTube kids account so they'd only have access to kids programming. 


Outside of hiding the remote, there's not much you can do to lock kids out of a Roku... unless you have a Roku TV. 


Long story about how to lock kids out of a Roku tv here:


Settings: TV Inputs

Add one that you're not using. 

We'll say HDMI 3 for example purposes. 

Click on Setup input. 

Now we're going to go to




Power On:

Select HDMI 3. 

Now even if the kids don't have a remote, they can still turn on the tv....but this way it goes straight to a black HDMI screen with nothing there. 

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Reel Rookie

Re: Password protect channels ?

Hey Roku,

   Could we parents get some actual parent controls that are relevant?  Like a password protection option on youtube?   I know there is a big push from those that watch dirty stuff to have all these "guest" and "icognito" options as accessible and convenient as possible and I know they generate a lot of money for people with these habits and there is a big demand from them, but it would be so great if we could start protecting families and worrying more about what is right for our culture and the next generation than about what generates the most profits.  This one is a lay-up.   Protect families and kids.   Could you step up to the plate?  Youtube isn't.  They refuse to develop any disabling option for incognito despite literally millions of families asking for it.   For the reasons I mentioned above.  Money and justifying stuff we know is wrong.   We need one of the big players to have the courage to offer simple options for those that want to protect their kids a little more strongly, or even themselves.   An option to password protect all apps if the user so wishes.   So basic.   But takes so much courage in this cultural-generation.  Be the one!

Binge Watcher

Re: Password protect channels ?

My daughter is 7. I have the YouTube app on the RokuTv in her room set to kids mode. Problem solved. It doesn't let kids log out. You set the age appropriateness to the age of your child or your choice. It keeps out all the weird stuff. Idk, it works for me. The only issue I have is I can't block the inappropriate ads on the home screen. You used to be able to completely block them...and still can if you have an older version. You just press Home 5 times, up,right,down,left and up. You then set the one set of ads to disabled, and the other one to Demo 3. Too bad it no longer works.