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Most Apps Disappeared After Adding Spotify

I watched TV in the den last night until about 2 am this morning.  Everything was OK when I went to bed.  My son added Spotify to the Roku Player in his bedroom sometime last night, but it was before I went to bed, so the issue didn't manifest itself until the TV was restarted this morning.

Here is our current setup:

Master Bedroom;

55' TCL Roku TV

connected via network cable to network



65' TCL Roku TV

Connected via network cable to network


Bedroom #2;

Roku HD Ultra

connected via network cable to network

using a Magnavox TV as a display via an HDMI cable to the Roku HD Ultra


All remotes are upgraded to the wireless (WiFi) remotes and the Master and den have two remotes paired with each TV.


All TV's and the HD Ultra are signed in under one account and I have the Roku app installed on my mobile phone (I rarely use it).


Here is the scenario...

My son added Spotify sometime last night, in the mean time, I was downstairs watching TV.  He went to bed and I went to bed some hours later.  We get up this morning and all of our free/non-paid channels/apps are missing from all of the Roku devices.  We pay for Netflix, Hulu, Peacock and Paramount.  I use Plex for displaying videos I make and store on a home server for a musical venue I'm affiliated with.  Those apps are present on the home screen and the newly added Spotify app is present.  YouTube is also present.  We used to have Dish and I still have an input for that, Live TV and for the VCR/DVD player (that we haven't used in may years).  Those inputs are present on the home screen but everything else has disappeared from all devices.  All of our local and national news, weather, sports channels/apps, my wife's cooking channels/apps, Pandora,Tune-In, IHeartRadio and a bunch of others that I  can't remember are all gone from all devices.


I'm posting this because:

#1 I'd like a solution to get my stuff back the way I had it.

#2 I'd like a backup solution in case it happens again in the furure

#3 I'd like to bring this issue to someone's attention so other an either fix it of warn everyone to have a back up.


I have been a fan of Roku for 20 years, I think it's the best system for non-cable viewing.  I have never had any kind of problem with any Roku device I've owned and I have owned many.  I'd just like to have a solution to this problem.

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Re: Most Apps Disappeared After Adding Spotify

  1. Sorry, I doubt there is one unless it's just a glitch that a restart or software update might clear up.
  2. Sorry again, not possible.  People have asked for something like this for years and it has always fallen on deaf ears.
  3. Need more information

When your son added Spotify, did he remove a bunch of other apps?  You probably know this, but any apps added/removed to one Roku device will be added/removed from all Roku devices linked to the same Roku account.  If you ever had another device and gave it away or sold it while it was still linked to your account, someone else could be affecting your installed apps.

I assume the apps have disappeared from both the Ultra and both TVs?  If not, perform a "System restart" found under Settings->System->Power on the TV as well as a "Software update" found under Settings->System.

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Re: Most Apps Disappeared After Adding Spotify

Hey RenoJim,  Thanks for responding to my post.  I feel you are right about it maybe being a glitch of some sort.  I did restart the Den Roku hoping that y=would solve the issue, but it did not.  My son is not a kid, he's 23 and pretty savvy about how computer-ey and app-afied things work.  I am too, but more so, him than I.  He assures me he did not delete any apps when he added Spotify.  He knows I like the menu a certain layout/order and doesn't mess with it.  He and I are both aware that any changes made on one device effects all other devices on that account globally.  Yes, this issue affected all devices that were online at the time.  I do not have any other Roku devices that are not in my possession, save for the four Roku TV's that burned in our lake house fire two years ago.  I saw all of the remains of the four TVs after the fire and I know no one has taken them out of the dump and gotten them working again, they were completely incinerated except for the frames and mounting harness'.

I don't understand why Roku will not add a simple backup option to the device.  They could give the user the option to download it and then the user could store it on his own computer or they could rope off a bit of memory and let users keep one or two backups on their Roku device.  I know enough about computers that this is completely doable and really not that difficult to accomplish on future models.

I appreciate you looking at my post and offering what advice you could. Alas, I will have to try to remember what apps I had and reinstall them.

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