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Reel Rookie

Keep channel playing even after TV is turned off?

I'm trying to cut the cord by replacing my cable box with a Roku Premiere and streaming YouTube TV.  With my cable box, I just turn the TV off when I'm done watching it and turn it back on when I want to watch something, and it's already playing whatever channel I left my cable box on.  I've noticed that if I'm streaming YouTube TV through my Roku and turn off the television, when I turn it back on later the Roku has defaulted back to the Home screen, and I need to scroll over to and re-launch YouTube TV.


Is there any way to keep the YouTube TV app continually streaming in the background even after I've turned off my television?

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Roku Guru

Re: Keep channel playing even after TV is turned off?

If you haven't already, you can turn off Roku's bandwidth saver, under settings -> network.  (It stops streaming after 4 hours of activity.)  However, many individual channels also have their own timer/saver code to prevent them from being left running all the time like that.  Unlike broadcast, each individual stream costs them money.

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Re: Keep channel playing even after TV is turned off?


Three things I can think of on the Roku that might affect this:

"Settings > Network > Bandwidth saver" -- turn this off

"Settings > Theme (may take a while to load) > Screensaver start time" -- choose "Disable screen saver"

If your Roku has a "Settings > System > Power" menu option, go in there and under "Auto power savings" make sure "After 20 minutes of no interaction" is UNchecked.

But I don't know if the version of their app that YouTube TV has supplied to Roku has it's own "shut down with no activity" feature.


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