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Home Screen Tiles Shrunken On Startup

I've had a weird thing happen to me a couple of times over the past month or so. Upon power up my Roku Ultra 4800 home screen graphics were shrunken. The tiles, the side ad, and the menu items all were about 33% smaller than normal with the third column of tiles truncated. 


I have my Roku 4800 Ultra (and all other components, Comcast cable box, PS4, LG blu-ray player) connected to my Yamaha AVR. A certified ultra high speed HDMI cable connects from my Yamaha AVR to my LG C2 TV via the eArc connection. I am using the supplied ultra high speed HDMI cable that came with my Roku Ultra between the Roku Ultra and the Yamaha AVR. I have HDMI-CEC enabled on my TV, AVR, and Roku device.


When I power on the system I use the Roku power button. There is a slight delay while the system HDMI handshake figures out I want it to "land" or start on the Roku home page. The majority of times it boots up to the Roku home page with the home tiles the correct size. However, upon startup the home screen has booted up with the shrunken tiles a couple times in the past month. When this happens I pull the power cord to the ROKU from the back of the unit for a couple of seconds and then reinsert it. Problem solved, until the next time it happens. 

Why does this happen? What can I do to fix it that it never happens?


(BTW, if the shrunken tiles were able to show 4 columns in their entirety, it would be a feature, not a bug, for me.)

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Re: Home Screen Tiles Shrunken On Startup

First, keep in mind that the Power button is strictly for the TV; Roku devices don't turn off.  You might trying disabling "Power saving" under Settings->System->Power which doesn't save much power and causes more problems than it's worth.

Things like this are often cleared up (temporarily) by a "System restart".  You can also find it under Settings->System->Power.

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