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Roku Guru

Freevee doesn't have the movies listed in "My Feed"

Once again, Roku's "My Feed" isn't working right.  This time, it's Freevee.

A movie I had on my watch list popped up on My Feed saying it's available from Freevee for free, and from AppleTV for a fee.  I click on the Freevee link, and it takes me to the channel (I already had it on my channel list), but not to the movie.  I'm shown the main entry page, with nothing related to the movie I wanted.

It happens that the title of this movie is "The House Across the Street".  So I go into the "search" option within Freevee, and after typing in "The House Ac", it comes up with a list of movies, one of which is "The House Across the Street": but clicking on that does not take me to that movie, it takes me to a list of other movies.

I do not believe that it's just this movie, I'm just using it as a reproducible example of how Roku's My Feed feature often does not work.

Based on past experiences, I'm sure Roku will try to blame it on Freevee: if they respond to this at all.  But I believe I can prove that the fault lies in Roku's search, and not in Freevee or with this movie in particular, because I can post literally dozens of other false search results.

I do still want to give Roku an opportunity to respond and explain what's wrong, even though I still have an open ticket on other "My Feed" problems that have gone unanswered after more than four MONTHS.

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Roku Guru

Re: Freevee doesn't have the movies listed in "My Feed"

If the search fails INSIDE the Freevee app, then it is a Freevee issue. Further, when I go to (who owns ImDB, which runs Freevee), a search says not available:

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