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Fandor Atlantis (2014) plays Ukraine war film on Roku Express

On the Roku Channel is a listing for a 23 minute Fandor production, Atlantis (2014) but what plays back is a Fandor distributed(?), 2019 Ukrainian war film titled "Atlantis" that includes the scene title "2025: Eastern Ukraine. One year after the war" It was released 3 years before the Russian invasion. 

The Ukraine film is a stark and bleak and immersive look at the aftermath of war in Ukraine - a film that doesn't sugar coat. The heroism is from simply surviving. 

When I search for "Atlantis Roku" on the internet I am first directed to BBC "Atlantis" (2013-2015) which is a miniseries with Jason and the mythical land Atlantis.

The film that shows up on Roku is a third "Atlantis" which is "Loosely framed by Plato's invocation of the lost continent of Atlantis in 360 BC and its re-re-resurrection via a 1970s science fiction pulp novel, Atlantis is a documentary portrait of Utopia - an island that has never / forever existed beneath our too-mortal feet. Herein is folk song and pagan rite, religious march and reflected temple, the sea that surrounds us all. Even as we are slowly sinking, we are all happy and content." by Ben Russell + KINEMASTIK

I think the Ukraine film is valuable in its own right and should not be disguised. 


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Re: Fandor Atlantis (2014) plays Ukraine war film on Roku Express

Hi @daveconvex,

Thank you for reporting this issue to the Roku Community!

We have flagged this concern to the appropriate team for review and further investigation. Once an update is available regarding this, we'll promptly let you know.

Please let us know if you have further concerns.

Best regards,

Nadee K.
Roku Community Moderator
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