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Doctor Who Classic channel only playing a few episodes on repeat

When I first started watching the Doctor Who Classic channel on Roku, the channel would play episodes from the 1st Doctor’s run through the 7th’s and then cycle through again. A few weeks ago, the channel only started playing episodes from the 4th Doctor through the 7th on repeat, and now, more recently, it only plays a few episodes from the 4th’s run on repeat. Does anyone know why this might be? I have been watching the channel for months and have never noticed something like this before.

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Community Moderator

Re: Doctor Who Classic channel only playing a few episodes on repeat

Hi @ep9,

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We're glad to assist you with your inquiry. Please be advised that we have passed along this information to the appropriate Roku team to investigate further. We appreciate your patience and understanding in the meantime.

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Re: Doctor Who Classic channel only playing a few episodes on repeat

Same here. I investigated it a bit. Doctor Who Classic Channel is also on Plex. They play the exact same. Am able to look ahead and the same thing there. I’ll bet the BBC pulled them. Or Roku has a contract that expired on most. Seeing how they have the same ones left on Plex then I believe BBC pulled them. Three 60th anniversary specials are about to appear on Disney + so I wonder where they went? Hmmmmmm!!! lol.

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