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Re: Chess Live! game has been turning itself off during a game for the past 2 days

Hi whome,  You can use the Roku remote to navigate the chess pieces. It's a pretty cool game but the moves the game makes are always the same depending on which move you, the player makes. Have fun!

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Reel Rookie

Chess Live - Why so many do not like..

This company is missing a huge opportunity and just needs to fix THIS. More would advertise and more would use the pay option if they resolved it. This problem is well known in the chess communities. Issue: Chess players who have played chess live know some of the players are employees and they use several different fake names. One of the employees specifically will constantly send his opponents "Are you still there? " when he makes a bad move to try to cheat his opponents. It requires the opponent to click yes and can force a mistake when trying to move when rapidly receiving "Are you still there?" while required to click yes (same button used to move your peices. Also, before he is about to lose he will quit playing and leave you waiting before you realize he quit again. It's very childish and unprofessional. He thinks people do not know he is an employee. He often uses the name Checkmate. We have numerous recordings of this bad behavior and that has ruined the reputation of Chess Live. It's very unfortunate.. the developers did a great job. Many known chess players refuse to play Chess Live because of this guy. It's also why no one wants to advertise with them. It's sad and the owners have no idea their own people are costing them a lot of money.. 

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