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Automatic Sign in on Hulu

So I recently bought a new tv and I downloaded Hulu to watch. As soon as I tried to watch it, it signed me into to someone else's account. So my daughter uses her father’s Hulu and not mine, we have two different accounts with two different emails and two different subscriptions, but for some reason when I tried to watch Hulu on my new tv it signed me into his/her account. I tried to delete and download Hulu again but nothing is working. I just got this tv a week aga so I don’t see any reason as to why I would need to do a factory reset. It doesn’t let me log out, I had made a new profile on their account because I didn’t know how to fix it, but even when I deleted my profile it still automatically signed me into their account. How do I get my account back?

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Re: Automatic Sign in on Hulu

Hulu is an app where logins are shared across devices that use the same ROKU account. If you want your Hulu to be separate, you will need to make sure that Roku device is on a different ROKU account. Unfortunately, I think the only way to change the account a TV/device uses will be to do a factory reset. If it's a newly created Roku account, you will need to manually add your services, depending on what is automatically added by Roku for marketing purposes.

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