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Around 2:05 into the song, Pandora keeps cutting off the streaming. Furthermore, Apple TV is unable

My Roku consistently stalls at the 2:05 mark when playing Pandora (Premium Account), and Apple TV fails to load beyond displaying the Apple TV picture.

I recently upgraded my home network by installing a Linksys WiFi 7 MBE700, which includes one router and two nodes. The new router is configured identically to the old one.

After configuring the router and connecting over 30 devices, I started experiencing issues with streaming Pandora (Version 6.5 build 0) and Apple TV (Version 14.0 build 43) on my four Rokus.

My primary Roku (Livingroom) 4800X Ultra, running software version 12.5 build 4178-c2, is on a wired connection with a good speed (93 Mbps) and is set up with a static IP.

I have about 50 different streaming channels, and only Pandora and Apple TV are experiencing problems.

I have tried logging out and removing the channels, unplugging the Roku and router for over 10 minutes, and then reloading and logging back in, but the issue persists. I also unplugged the fiber modem, router, nodes, and Roku for over 10 minutes and then powered them back up.

I reexamined the router settings, which is set to PPPoE to the modem, and changed the redial period from 20 to 60 to 180 and back to 30, but this made no difference.

Following some suggested fixes, I changed the screensaver period to 30 minutes, but the 2:05 stall persists. I even disabled the screensaver entirely with no luck.

Since I didn't have this issue before the network upgrade, I suspect the new router might be the cause. However, all other streaming channels work correctly, so there seems to be something unique about Pandora and Apple TV.

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