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Apple Music not showing anywhere

I have this issue as well. Using a Roku Express. It says installed on my account but there's no way to remove it from my account because it doesn't show on the actual Roku. When you search for it in the store, nothing comes up. It could be that my Roku is too old, but it's updated to version 12. There's no list of devices that Apple Music is compatible with, so I have no way to troubleshoot. Please help me.

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Re: Apple Music not showing anywhere

Hi @Ledung75,

Greetings and welcome to the Roku Community!

We understand that you need assistance with the Apple Music channel not being added to your Roku device. We would be more than glad to assist and resolve the issue.

We recommend performing a system restart. To do this, navigate to Settings >System > System Restart. After this, kindly please check to see if the Apple Music channel has appeared on your channel list.

Please let us know how it works.

All the best,

Takashi O.
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Re: Apple Music not showing anywhere

@owenfarrar wrote:

There's no list of devices that Apple Music is compatible with, so I have no way to troubleshoot.

A channel installed to your account via the online Roku Channel Store, but then not installed on a Roku device or shown in the Streaming Channels on that device, typically means that particular Roku model is not supported by the providers of the app.

There have been a number of different models under the Express model name.  Which model number do you have?  Settings > System > About  will show you.

Like you, I can't find a list of supported devices for Apple Music.  The closest I've found is "So long as you have a fairly recent Roku device, getting the Apple Music app is as easy as opening the Channel Store and downloading it" from this article when Apple Music for Roku was first announced.

Here are the Roku devices Apple says Apple TV is compatible with, although that doesn't necessarily mean Apple Music has the same list:

TV                      7000x, C000x, 8000x, A000x, 6000x 
Streambar®              9102
Streambar Pro           9101R2
Smart Soundbar          9101
oNN® Smart Soundbar     9100
Express                 3900, 3930, 3960
Express+                3910, 3931
Express 4K              3900, 3940
Express 4K+             3910, 3941
HD                      3932
Streaming Stick®        3600, 3800
Streaming Stick         3810, 3811
Streaming Stick 4K      3820 
Streaming Stick 4K+     3821 
Premiere                3920, 4620
Premiere+               3921, 4630
Ultra                   4640, 4660, 4661, 4670, 4800, 4802
Ultra LT                4662, 4801
2                       4205, 4210
3                       4200, 4230

Source: - Current as of July 27, 2023. Check source for any updates.

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