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YouTube videos restricted

Please read this fully before responding. Can anyone provide step by step instructions on how to fix this? Don’t care who’s fault it is, please don’t respond with a debate about Roku/YouTube/Google being at fault. I only care how to fix it.

I have had my Roku stick for 3+ years and have regularly watched videos with no issues in the YouTube app through Roku. Now, it will give me an error on some shows (ones like the late show with Stephen Colbert) but not others (kids stuff). It’s acting like it’s in age restriction mode, but it isn’t. I have verified I am logged in to YouTube with my account, that the app settings confirm it is not in restricted mode, and that my YouTube account itself (checked in web browser) is also not set to restricted mode. I am getting a message that reads “This video is restricted. Please check the Google Workspace administrator and/or the network administrator restrictions.” I can’t find anything or anywhere in my Google account settings that shows this type of thing, nor how to check it. I haven’t changed anything on YouTube, Google or Roku... so how do I fix this? 

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Roku Employee

Re: YouTube videos restricted


Thanks for the post.

For more information about that channel's features and functionality, you'll want to contact Youtube support directly to inquire further. Many channels on Roku are developed and maintained by the channel provider themselves. 

You can reach Youtube support here:


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Re: YouTube videos restricted

So, it’s not a Roku problem it’s a Google problem. So what you do is go to your Google account on your phone or computer, then go to your settings. Go to your personal information, and make sure you birthday have the year you was born. Mine didn’t have the year I was born. So If it doesn’t have the year, add the year and confirm it. It should be fixed.

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Re: YouTube videos restricted - YOU SOLVED IT

Stephen thanks for posting that real answer!   That's exactly what it was for me.  You saved me hours of frustration.

And to the rest of you who simply nitpic and flame on people...   Maybe you need to logout and take a chill pill.  The Roku platform is designed for regular people not computer experts.  For someone like that, they do not understand the differences between the Roku platform, Apps created by various sources, and how they relate to the greater ecosystems.

Let's all take a breath and try to help each other rather than yelling at them for not being exactly right in our book.  

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YouTube Videos Will Not Play

same here. age-restricted purchases from google play won't play on youtube roku app. google discontinued play app so now i can't watch these on the tv (easily)

even more reason not to use google for anything, i doubt this is a roku problem (though they're still using the screensaver play button trap for cheap clicks ruining any brand integrity they'd built)

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