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Roku overpriced doorbell and cloud service

I bought Roku doorbell camera, thought it was overpriced to start with, I found out after 14 day trial that cloud storage was $3.99 a month after paying $100 for doorbell. During trial, 20 second videos quality was great, then when trial ended and a still image was sent to my phone or smart tv, very poor quality. Unless the person ringing the doorbell is standing directly in front of camera within 3 feet, quality of image is so poor that you cannot identify the person. Was gonna buy 4 more indoor cameras, but at $3.99 per camera, within 12 months i could buy my own alarm system. It has a place for a micro sd card in doorbell, but it takes a special tool to loosen screw and remove doorbell just to get to sd card. My biggest problem is, i bought doorbell in march,14 day free trial run out by end of March 2023, its now middle of July, i keep getting emails that 14 day trial ending soon, problem is i have tried to unsubscribe, no luck. They are DO NOT Reply emails and i get them weekly. I just went on chat ,talked with rep for 20 minutes asking Jamie to please stop emails that 14 day trial ended 4 months ago. All they could say, we have no way to stop them, you would think its programmed to send emails, someone could stop them. Jamie sail all they could do was address problems with products. Asked the to forward a message to proper department to stop bombardment of 14 day trial ending soon. Jamie said nothing that he/she could do. Do not pay for this product unless you intend to do the cloud storage because photo image of camera sux.

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