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Roku Indoor Camera SE firmware update fails

I have tried to update the firmware multiple times, but consistently get a lightbox after about 5 minutes stating firmware update failed. Made sure phone was connected to Wi-Fi  2.4g and unplugged power for 30 seconds to cycle the restart , but still fails. Not error code given. 

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Re: Roku Indoor Camera SE firmware update fails

Hi @MichaelS87
Welcome to the Roku Community! We understand that you're having trouble updating the firmware version of your camera. Help is here.
In order to update the firmware on your smart home device, it must be both powered on and connected to the internet. Additionally, the Roku Smart Home app on your mobile device must be up-to-date. If you see an Update Failed message or are unable to update firmware for any other reason, please consider the following:

  • Is your modem or router far from your camera?
  • How many devices are connected to your router when you try to update your firmware version?
  • Have you tried to restart your router, rebooting your Roku Smart Home app, and trying again? Sometimes a weak or low quality internet connection can cause issues downloading and installing a firmware update. Please check your internet connection.

When setting up your Roku Smart Home camera or video doorbell, the Roku Smart Home mobile app generates a QR code to share the network details with your camera or doorbell. Because a 2.4 GHz wireless network is required to make the connection, it is important to connect your phone or tablet to your 2.4 GHz network before launching the app.
We're looking forward to what you find out.
Best regards,


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