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Roku Indoor Camera SE and SD Card

I had the 14 day subscription and has no problems watching events the camera recoded in the app.

When I switched to SD Card for recording, it only allows me to see a single picture for each recording event and not the full video recording.

I just want to confirm that this is normal?

 If this is the limitations for using an SD card, I feel Roku should have made this clear on the box or manual so we could make an informed purchase.

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Re: Roku Indoor Camera SE and SD Card

I think that's all you get without a subscription.  You can schedule recordings, but you only get images for events.  Disappointing, I know.

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Re: Roku Indoor Camera SE and SD Card

Yes, the ability to not review the SD card history on the Roku security surveillance cameras is normal and these Roku cameras are a complete disappointment. I purchased a total of 7 of them to be used throughout our store and our home, only to find out that they are useless since there is no way to review the SD card history from your phone, computer or Roku device. So in other words if I see someone shoplifting in my store on one of my Roku cameras, in order to verify it, I have to run in the back room, haul out my 12 foot ladder and set it up, crawl up the ladder to remove the SD card from the camera, take the card over to my desk, install the card into an adapter and then put the card into my computer so I can review hours of video just to find the section of video to verify that a customer put an unpaid item in their purse or not? I'm quite sure if I made a questionable shoplifter wait around for over an hour for me to verify this and I was mistaken, along with the possibility being sued, I'd probably be charged for kidnapping the poor person. 

I have 8 other surveillance cameras throughout my store that are 3 different brands, all were under $30, and all of them give me the option to review the video at any time through both my phone and my computer. I guess I don't understand why Roku offers the option to install an SD card when you can't review the history on demand anyway, and If this is the limitations for using an SD card, I feel Roku should have made this clear both on the box and in the listing so we could make an informed purchase.

Sorry Roku, but if you think I'm going to pay $27 per camera for a camera made in China, then spend another $9.99 to $16.99 a month for cloud storage for each camera so China can monitor our every move, you can guess again because it isn't going to happen. As for the camera themselves, I have no complaints but charging your customers for cloud storage when other security surveillance camera manufacturers offer the ability to review their camera history for free by just using an SD card and your phone or computer, this will definitely put Roku out of the security surveillance camera business real soon! Needless to say, all 7 of these cameras have been returned to Walmart and replaced with a different $28 brand that I can review the history at any time on both my phone and my computer. 

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Re: Roku Indoor Camera SE and SD Card

Which brand/type did you end up switching to? 

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Re: Roku Indoor Camera SE and SD Card

RE: Which brand/type did you end up switching to? I purchase 3 of the "VSTARCAM Indoor Security Camera, 1080P HD WiFi Cameras". They're $29.98 each but have many more features, the picture is very clear, they work great and best of all, even though they offer a cloud service, you don't need to use it since you can use your own Micro SD card. I'm using 64 GB cards in mine and in over 3 months, there's still space left on the cards. Plus once the card is full, it automatically erases the oldest footage and continues recording new footage.

The VSTARCAM also includes all the features and notifications as the Roku camera, along with additional ones including motion detection, person detection, humanoid framing, departure detection, smoke and sound detection, alarm notifications and so much more, all without having to pay for the Chinese cloud service. Also the picture is great since it offers both the standard 50 or 60 Hz along with H.264 or H.264+ image quality. Just download the EYE4 app and you can watch your cameras and review the SD cards on both your phone or your laptop.

The only downfall is they're made in China. Unfortunately they all seem to be made in China, but at least with these cameras, you don't have to send your footage to the cloud in China so they can review it before you even get a chance to see it.