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Roku Cameras SE future upgrades

I have 12 wired Roku camera SE models, both indoor and outdoor. I was hoping there would be a firmware upgrade allowing users to view the footage remotely from the optional SD cards.

The cloud misses so many recordings and push notifications, and having to crawl up and pull SD cards to grab footage is terrible.

Can't you find a way to "include" this feature for the price of the subscription? Other cheap no name cameras have this feature on their apps, so it can't be that difficult to implement. Please Roku, Please, do a firmware upgrade that allows users who pay for a subscription to remotely view their SD cards! please!

Also, are there any plans to come out with new wired cameras that have 5ghz WiFi, and 1080p at 30FPS? or 2k or 4k at 60FPS? The current cameras are just Wyze ver 3 rebranded, so is there any news in making a better camera straight from Roku? Please Roku, for all of us that are loyal to Roku and have been for so many years, please hook us up with these wonderful features.

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Re: Roku Cameras SE future upgrades

Hello! @reptem1970,

Thank you for posting in the Roku Community!

Your feedback is highly valued and will be shared with our team. We believe that together, we can continue to improve and make a positive impact.


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