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Reel Rookie

Connection Issues with ALL of my ROKU cameras

Recently purchased a Roku Wired Video Doorbell, 2 Interior wired cameras and a wired exterior camera.  Set-up for 1 interior camera worked flawlessly!  Set-up for 2nd indoor camera, I kept receiving "Invalid Qr Code" and "Connection Failed" responses.  I gave up and deleted the camera to start anew elsewhere.

I then attempted to set-up the wired video camera doorbell.  All went smoothly, until I received "Invalid QR Code" and "Connection Failed" responses.  I rebooted all devices, as I did initially with the second indoor camera and same thing.  I have a dual-band wifi/router.  The 5g light blinks white brightly, the 2.4g light blinks more rapidly yet not as glowing.

During the initial successful set-up of the first indoor camera, after scanning the qr code, my phone searched for available networks and displayed numerous for me to select from.  The only difference between my trying to set-up the additional/other cameras is the fact my phone is not displaying any available networks to choose from.  There is nothing and I am required to manually enter the information.  Every single time I've manually entered the information it has failed!

I went through my phone to make certain my settings were correct.  WiFi and Bluetooth are both on and I deactivated my VPN, as recommended by ROKU. 

Additionally, I am receiving full power to the doorbell, yellow light blinking and ready to activate announcements........."Incorrect QR Code", "Activation Failed!"

I'm extremely flustered of this and I'm sure someone has an easy? explanation? for this Semi-SmartDummie!

Thank you for your much appreciated time and effort in assisting me!  I look forward to positive results from the community.

Good evening!

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Retired Moderator

Re: Connection Issues with ALL of my ROKU cameras

Greetings @SmartDummie 

Welcome to the Roku Community and thanks for posting regarding the issue you are having with setting up your Roku Smart Home devices.

Have you already tried rebooting your wireless network to see if that helps the issue you are experiencing? How far are you from the wireless router when trying to setup the Roku Smart Home devices? Have you tried moving closer to the router to see if you are seeing the same issue?

For more troubleshooting information about setting up a Roku Smart Home device with a QR code, visit our Support page here: Fix a QR code issue with your camera or doorbell

Please keep us posted what you find out and we will be more than happy to continue to assist you further.


Danny R.
Roku Community Moderator
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