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Reel Rookie

bait and switch of Paramount+


I'm getting really annoyed.

Last Thanksgiving, Paramount+ offered a $1 deal for 3 months.

I decided to try it.

After 30 days, I started to get billed the regular subscription fee.  I contacted them and told them I was still entitled to 2 more free months.   They offered to continue the free subscription IF I paid for the subscription and then, they would reimburse me.

Hmm, well I wasn't buying and let it go.

I got a new card and then a barrage of emails because they were trying to bill me, even though I said no.


It's a shame that you have partnered themselves with Walmart, a company known for unethical business practices.

I love your product, but I hope you find a better way of doing business.

Thanks for offering me free trials, but after this experience, I am going to have to pass.




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